Literature work is tedious. Research, reading and the correct documentation of external sources often costs the majority of the time required to complete complex scientific theses such as a bachelor thesis, master thesis or doctoral thesis. Fortunately, with the right approach and a few tricks, everything becomes easier. An automatically generated in Word bibliography not only saves effort and time, but also helps in error-free citation. But which functions does Word offer concretely and how do you make such a directory meaningful? The step by step instructions are here.

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The meaning of the bibliography in the thesis

Whether seminar paper, bachelor thesis, master thesis or dissertation: the first step in the process of gaining one’s own scientific knowledge always involves dealing with foreign knowledge. In fact, the most common mistakes that lead to deduction of grades for homework and theses and in the worst case plagiarism allegations are attributed to crosstaking negligence. Careful research and the correct and complete labeling of the literature used are therefore indispensable for any scientific work. The bibliography is therefore an integral part of any scientific writing project.

3 reasons for an automatic bibliography in Word

The more extensive the scientific work is, the more cumbersome is often the manual creation of the bibliography. A bibliography automatically created in Word is meaningful and helpful in this case for three reasons:

It saves time and nerves – especially when the deadline for the term paper, bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral thesis is already approaching. If you delegate the creation of the bibliography to Word, you simply have more time for the content of your topic.

Not only can it be easily created, it can also be continually updated and adjusted. Once you’ve made the basic settings in Word, recorded your sources of literature, and selected styles, you can easily generate the bibliography in Word with one click. But it’s just as easy to change and adjust in seconds. For example, if you want to change your citation style afterwards, you only change the style of the bibliography. The form of presentation of your references is updated automatically – each source remains unchanged.